Worldbuilding: Beasts of Calithwain

Keep to selves:


Thunderbird makes thunder sound when flies.

Kelpie A creature known for tricksterlike cunning

Rocs Rocs were large and dangerous, but still stupid. Jhara supposed that she could handle one, although she’d never actually seen one before. The one time a mage, or better yet an archer would be useful (The Trap). Live on islands.

Goblins live underground, at war with Alcanster goblin’s child story. Goblins and dwarves unofficially give each other lots of space. Goblins fight humans and dwarves fight elves. They hate trolls. Darkland drove some goblins mad, theyh live there and attack humans, trolls, and anyone else. Crafty, sneaky and sly. If they’re from Darkland,t hey’re also delusional.

Firebirds live in the land beyond the clouds. They’re firendly, intelligent, very beautiful. Voluntarily give feathers to those who they think are worthy since feathers are very powerful. Weakness for fruit like apples and cherries. Perhaps the ogres/giants// have captured one that stole from the garden. Firebirds can grant wishes but can’t wish stuff for themselves. They have lots of knowledge about fairies, mermaids, and even unicorns. Gnomes are too foreign. Giants are their adversary.



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